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Mark Trumbo led the majors in homers with 47 last season, his walk year.

He wound up re-signing with the Orioles for $37.5 million over three years. Some of the money reportedly is deferred.

His annual average of $12.5 million is many times more than most of us will make in a lifetime. Still, by the standards of baseball contracts of this this era, it seems paltry for a home run champion heading into his age 31 season , and it is well below the $60 million over four years Trumbo sought.

Trumbo’s timing was great in that he hit a career-high homer total right before hitting the open market. His timing was poor in that there were lot of power bats on the market this off season.

And Trumbo’s market value was hurt because he is, to put it nicely, something of a defensive liability.

But, heck, he could have made $17.2 million for this year alone by taking the qualifying offer.

Safe to say the Wasserman Media Group, which represents Trumbo, probably will be telling prospective clients a lot more about the great deal the agency  got for Giancarlo Stanton than about how the Trumbo negotiations went.