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Juice box night

The Charlotte Stone Crabs of the Class A Florida State League called off “€œA-Rod Juice Box Night” a promotion poking fun at baseball’s most highly paid known-PED abuser that was scheduled for Friday night against the Tampa Yankees.

Apparently the New York Yankees took offense and leaned on the Tampa Bay Rays, who leaned on their affiliate because the promotion was in poor taste.

While I understand why the Yankees would be offended, I think that’s well … too bad. Alex Rodriguez’s cheating and lying may be embarrassing, but they are the results of willful transgressions on his part and that so far have not caused him any long-term health consequences. His actions are fair game.

As for the the allegation of poor taste, well, poor taste would be something like “Mickey Mantle Liver Night.”

And ironic, too.

Yahoo reported that Friday night was a night where with a $15 ticket, the Stone Crabs would let you drink all the beer you wanted for no additional charge.

Now, nixing that promotion might be worth the Rays’ attention.